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By Matthew Vaughan-Davies

You can count on Carbon Medical being the best specialist medical accountants and financial planning advisors. That’s a bold statement, but our medical professional clients agree. We’re trusted health professional advisors because we come in with a fresh set of eyes and assesses your practice’s processes and systems. After which we offer guidance, resources, and the tools to improve the bottom line.


We understand medical accounting complexities

As medical specialist accountants and financial planners, we understand the complexities of running a practice. But more than that, we help you work out the grassroots of running your practice. For instance, are you maximising your patient’s financial journey through the billing system? Do you know the cost of attracting new patients? What is your average fee per patient? Who is analysing the actual cost of performing procedures in your clinic? Are they factoring in doctor and nurse time along with consumables and sterilisation costs? But it’s not just verbal answers we seek to these questions. We drill down and analyse the financial data. In our experience, numbers are impartial to wishful thinking.


Case study

Through accounting data analysis, our most recent client — a four doctor clinic — discovered patient procedures were costing money, rather than making money. Plus, the two newest doctors were underperforming because of inefficient MBS item number billing.

For this client, our accounts analysis process led to making clinic-based patient procedures profitable. Add to this the smarter use of MBS item numbers and the improvement to the clinic’s bottom line was almost immediate.


Carbon Medical

There is no doubt Carbon Medical understands the unique challenges and complexities of working in the medical and allied health sector.



By reviewing and implementing proven programs, processes and financial structures, we help practices improve the bottom line.


Data analysis combined with expert medical accounting, taxation and financial planning means we focus on growing net worth.


Whether its Medicare rebates, practice structures, insurance, practice fees, practice bookkeeping or cash-flow we talk your talk.

Cloud-accounting knowhow

From choosing the right cloud accounting software for your practice to overseeing the installation and accounts set up, we improve clinic-based account processing and efficiency.  


Our expert accountants and financial advisors come to you or connect via teleconference. We understand time is precious to you. So, offering flexibility when sharing collaborating and communicating on business matters is our priority.


In summary

In our experience, the lack of time, not skill is why cash-flow and financial management suffers in many medical clinics. We understand this. Consequently, we pride ourselves in being a fresh set of eyes which give a clear picture of your practice’s wealth health. And if need be, we improve your clinic’s accounts, processes, and systems to maximise profitability.


For 2021 only we’re offering a bonus 1-hour Carbon Medical Wealth Health Check. We understand how hard it is to find a non-partisan medical accounting expert with whom you can discuss your business ideas and concerns in confidence. But bonus appointment numbers are limited, so book now. Email­ us today, contact us below, or call (08) 9446 8588.

We’re looking forward to talking with you soon.

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